Write a blog post on the benefit of embracing Digital Nomadism

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You know it. The world has changed. Today, anyone with decent digital skills (marketing, coding, ux) could comfortably live anywhere in the world, working for a remote employer or as a remote freelancer.

Then Why in the world we're not seeing many more people fleeing from overcrowded, expensive, impractical cities and moving to better places?
Why are people renouncing to the (mostly) positive optionality of a new life, and in doing so deciding also for their kids and spouse?

Is it because they don't wish to leave their friends? Their parents? Sometimes.

Problem: Societal Defaults are Encouraging the accumulation of Stuffs

Most of the times, people are not moving cause they don't wish to leave their stuffs behind.

The Houses, The Cars, the hi-end HiFis, the Oled Tvs: all these beautiful stuffs provided some boost of  gratification when new, but they long stopped serving their owner.

I't the other way around: it's the owner serving the stuffs today. Most of people today are being taken hostage where they live by their stuffs.

How's this possible?

As humans we're all born with a powerful loss aversion instinct. And rightly so: valuable stuffs (food, tools) were scarce. Not anymore and we know it consciously. But still, our stuffs appears the most valuable the right moment we think to abandon them.

Solution: inspiring digital workers to leave their stuff and Go

We need to show people who are in the position to change that change is possible.

Not just possible: desirable.

As Simon Sinek says, we need to start with Why.
We should inspire digital workers on the greatness they could aspire to, if they really allowed themselves to seek their true inclinations.
It's our duty to warn them on what they risk (lifelong regrets), if they fail to do so.
And we should also challenge them: is "Why" the right question to start with?
Or is it "Why not"?

Then, we should provide them the What: achievable benefits and successful Case histories. There are plenty, and many recent ones, after Covid has made remote working the new normal.

Finally, we need to to show them How. How to start evaluating possible places to move into. How to test a new life for a month. How to sell their stuffs in bulk. How to make new local friends before even moving. etc...

Task: Earn $100 in BTC

Submit a blog post convincing people to embrace a digital nomad life

Write an effective blog post on the topic above, the best 10 blog post will receive $100 in BTC each.

The blog post will need to respect the following requirements:

  • a short and catchy headline
  • a clearly stated goal at the beginning (what is your objective writing it?)
  • a clearly defined audience it is intended to
  • you need to address why, what and how as described above
  • you need to provide a call to action at the end
  • if you include quotes and data, always cite your source
  • you can include images/videos if it helps
  • maximum 1000 words